1. Book Your Shipment or Transport

For your convenience, you can schedule a shipment or transport online anytime via our secure online booking page. If you prefer to schedule your shipment or transport over the phone, you can contact your assigned transport coordinator by calling:

2. Carrier Assigned

Dispatch department assigns your shipment or transport to a carrier that matches your desired route and time frame. I'll then email both parties an update of the projected pickup and delivery dates once a pickup has been scheduled.

3. Vehicle Picked Up

The driver will make arrangements with the contact person9s) at the pickup location prior to arriving. A thorough inspection of the vehicle will be completed and both the driver and the pickup contact person will sign to verify accuracy. The vehicle is loaded onto the carrier and begins heading to the delivery location.

4. Vehicle Delivered
The driver will make arrangements with the contact persons at the delivery location prior to arriving. The vehicle is offloaded and a final inspection is completed to ensure that the vehicle was delivered in the same condition it was picked up in. If a remaining balance is due, it is paid to the driver at this time.