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    In auto transport, Monday mornings are the Hottest booking days and Monday's and Tuesday's are the busiest as they start calling early AM to listed loads and schedule themselves. As well as the whole process pretty much starts up on a lessor scale on Thursday morning's also as they normally are looking for something to come back to an area should something they had booked for the week, not be ready. That's the norm for a best price scenario.

   By law, they have to reset DOT logs and SIT off duty for 34 hours and that is normally Saturday afternoons and Sunday's as dealerships are closed down and people spend family time on Sunday.

  Once loaded from an area and they have left? You may figure they travel 500/550 miles per day if no stops on long haul runs. As well as please keep in mind, you are NOT the only stop or delivery they will have as well.
FMCSA rules prohibit driving a property-carrying CMV (e.g., trucks) more than 11 hours or to drive after having been on-duty for 14 hours. The 3-hour difference between the 11-hour driving limit and the 14-hour on-duty limit gives drivers the opportunity to take care of non-driving working duties such as loading and unloading cargo, fueling the vehicle, and required vehicle inspections, as well as non-working duties such as meal and rest breaks. After completing an 11- to 14-hour on-duty period, the driver must be allowed 10 hours off-duty.

 FMCSA rules prohibit drivers from operating a CMV after having been on-duty 60 hours in 7 consecutive days (if the motor carrier does not operate CMVs every day of the week), or after having been on-duty 70 hours in 8 consecutive days (if the motor carrier operates CMVs every day of the week).

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 After accumulating, for example, 70 hours of driving and on-duty time within a period of 8 days, a driver's daily driving limit may be reduced (70 / 8 = 8.75 driving hours per day). A driver may be allowed (but not required) to take 34 hours off-duty to reset the weekly total back to zero (also known as a "34-hour restart").

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Auto Plants in USA locations. If you live near one of these after new car roll outs in the fall until Christmas? That is a PLUS for sure, as many carriers that haul OUTBOUND Loads, will sure be looking for something to "head back to the stables" with